ATS invents ‘The Stomper’ concrete breaker, a telephone wire connecting device (precursor to the Automatic Splicer, and the ‘The Klemat’ – a horizontal rock drilling machine.


Worked with Fuller to create one of the first prototypes of what became the rotary air compressor. Also invented the Boom Mounted Post hole Digger – the first automatic air tool for the installation of highway rail guards.


ATS designs, builds, and successfully markets a forerunner small hand-held rock drill called the ‘RHandi-Drill’


ATS machine shop rapidly developed the reputation as the best machine shop in New York City with clients like General Electric and George A. Fuller Construction Co. Also helped Fuller refurbish St. Patrick’s Cathedral.


Universal Air Tool Co. incorporates as Air Tool Sales and moves to Long Island and continues work in the pneumatic tools industry for military and shipping.